The Galician holiday tradition keep up in Valdoviño, a land with many events. The Council works so that no time of year or place without celebration.

"Baixada de Carrilanas"

That's not the Great Prize from Mónaco, but the date of this race is marked in all the calendars. More than a hundred cars without motor and built with a lot of shapes go down 1.300 metres to get to the chapel of San Mamede. The winners receive awards for best sympathy, construction and speed.

Celebration in 2019: August, 10-11.


Carnival Tuesday is a local holiday in Valdoviño. All the village celebrate parties that finished with the festival organize from City Council.

Celebration in 2020: February, 29.

Goose Barnacle Party

Formerly Pantin celebrated the "Coquina" Party, but now don't exist. The gastronomy event in Valdoviño is dedicated to one of the more famous products of the galician kitchen, the goose barnacle. This party is celebrated in Meirás.

Celebration in 2018: July, 28-29.

"Cantareiras" Festival

Os Xotas and the Cantareiras Mestura organized in 2011 the first edition of this Cantareiras Festival. They repeat all the years, with news groups but the same illusion.

Celebration in 2019: October, 26.

Associations Festival

The associative movement is more alive than ever. Music, dance, theatre and exhibitions are mixed in a good environment.

The event, organized every year in a different parish, was held in late April.

Choral Song Festival

A.C.R. A Frouxeira organize this music festival, an event which groups spent many parts of the peninsula in the 25 previous editions.

Celebration in 2019: June, 22.

Pantín Classic

All the years Pantin celebrate the Surfing World Championship.

Celebration in 2020: August, 17-23.

Besides these events, each parish honors its patron.

Village fiesta
Date Celebration Parish
May Ascensión Meirás
May, 24 San Vicente Vilaboa
Variable Corpus Christi Valdoviño
June, 29 San Pedro Loira
Variable Virxe do Porto Meirás
July, 16 Virxe do Carme Valdoviño
July, 25 Santiago Apóstolo Lago/Pantín
August, 11 Santa Filomena Vilarrube
August, 15 Asunción da Virxe Meirás
August, 17 San Mamede Valdoviño
August, 24 San Bartolomé Sequeiro
September, 12 Santa María Sequeiro
September, 15 N. Sra. dos Dores Lago
September, 29 San Miguel Valdoviño
November, 11 San Martiño Pantín/Vilarrube